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Top Tip - Understanding Funding Basics

In Remi's book - Easy Money? The Definitive UK Guide to Funding Music Projects (2013) she identifies:

1. 6 sources of money

2. 5 steps in the funding cycle

3. and 8 prompts for preparing a funding pitch.

The handy PDF linked here is a visual that will help you remember your options!

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Remi is a business trainer and coach, specifically focused on helping individuals from creative industries operate with a more entrepreneurial mindset.

She co-founded the Music Leaders Network leadership programme for women in music, and the networking group Young Guns Network.

She is also known for her book "Easy Money" about getting funding, which features an interview with Walthamstow Brewery Signature Brew.

Find Remi's book Easy Money? the Definitive UK Guide to Funding Music Projects: or Amazon - if they go via my website they can also get a free booklet (download) about writing grant applications



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