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Top Tips - Time-Saving Tools and Apps

Amazing time-saving apps and organisation tools, shared by business advisor James West from West Creative

1. - One of many contact apps - a virtual business card that zaps details between phones via QR code.

2. - Like a digital board of post-it notes. Great for collaborations, discussions and idea generating

3. - This software saves us loads of time - scheduling meetings into a diary based on availability and other criteria

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Top Tips - Time-Saving Tools and Apps
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James is an expert at untangling business issues and explaining the way forward in a style that makes sense. He has advised several creative and cultural businesses across the UK - from volunteer-run charities, to private companies and leading brand names.

in 2013 James set up West Creative, based on his belief that there is often a gap between creative commissions and strategies for business growth.

Often compared to the equivalent of an IT Geek who explains technical decisions in plain English - James strives to improve the quality of creative led commissions in meeting the needs of business objectives. Likewise, he also works to ensure creative businesses benefit from sound business advice to help them grow - both as suppliers and within the wider sector in general.



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