Welcome to HIVE Collective

Hi - we are glad you found us! Hive Collective’s aim is to inspire local people to learn and grow through their business practice. As freelancers and business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges that are faced when starting out on your own, as well as the realities of running your own business.

Waltham Forest has some great networking opportunities, but we feel that continued support and encouragement is necessary to really advance as a business person. Whether this is through an enhancement of your skills or simply having the chance to get out of your house occasionally to speak to like-minded people over a glass of wine, Hive will fill the gap.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide events and meetups that are mutually beneficial to all involved. We recognise that there are many psychological aspects to working for yourself that can seriously affect your levels of efficiency and progress. Lack of confidence, lack of motivation and the fear of failure often stop people performing at their absolute best. We would like to address these issues without judgement, and create a space of encouragement that leads to both personal and business development.

The creators of Hive come from very different backgrounds... from city worker to single mum, we have all faced an array of varying issues. Our separate areas of expertise complement and inform each other, and we are excited by the unexpected connections that arise through idea-sharing and honest discussion.

Our aim is to provide inspiration, encouragement and practical advice to emerging businesses and freelancers in Walthamstow and it's surrounding areas.

“More than one in ten residents in Walthamstow is now self employed”
— Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow

What WE AIM TO Achieve

  • Create a useful informal learning environment

  • Support business people to allow them to flourish

  • Help others to connect with like-minded, helpful people

  • Encourage skill swaps between members

  • Coach groups to help each other to resolve our business hurdles

  • Discuss the difficult stuff that isn't usually spoken about in business forums

  • Provide inspiration from those who have been there and done that