Hive Collective’s Monthly Coaching Group ‘The Next Level’


Our exciting new group coaching program called 'The Next Level' is due to kick off soon. In small groups (8-10 people) we will work together to set goals for our businesses, overcome barriers to success, complete useful exercises and enhance the group's overall business knowledge 

The group will meet monthly from Oct 2018 until Mar 2019 and each month, everyone will have the chance to speak about their successes and challenges, and we will be coached on a different business topic. We will share insights, have a laugh and most importantly support each and our businesses. You must commit to the full 6 months to ensure continuity for the whole group

‘The Next Level’ business coaching group is a supportive collection of local business owners who work together to help each other achieve their business goals. It is also a forum for practical learning that keeps each member focused on what they can do right now to take their business to the next level.

The sessions will follow a similar format:

-      Monthly Achievements/Areas for Improvement: each member will have 5-10 mins to share their successes from the previous month and introduce to the group their current biggest challenge. This also includes group chat: 60-90 mins

-      Group Coaching (topic chosen by the group or from the selection below): 30-45 mins

-      A ‘how-do’ Exercise: 20-30 mins

-      Identification and commitment to actions for the following month: 10-15 mins

The aim of the group is to provide support and learn from each other. Each person will do their own work on their business but it’s the group's job is to witness their growth. Members will be accountable to their business goals and for previous months commitments, but the group will remain nurturing and supportive to other each other when barriers to action arise.

Group coaching topics will be set by the group and may include the following:

·         Business Vision, Mission, Values

·         Goal Setting and Achievement

·         Marketing, Advertising and Social Media

·         Increasing Revenue and Customers

·         Time Management & Productivity

·         Internet Marketing Strategies

·         Business Systems & Processes/Financials

The program will be run by Hive’s Nat Harrison of Ayama Coaching Ltd.