An Evening of Marketing Insights

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic - Seth Godin

Thanks to all who came to our January event ‘An Evening of Marketing Insights’. We know it can be hard to motivate yourself to come to a networking event at the beginning of the year so we were very happy to have a full house, including the Hive baby who made a special guest appearance on stage and even a tiny dog named Bear!

We were lucky to hear from guest speakers Wendy Aldridge from Homeplace and Accessories Designer Sarah Baily. Wendy spoke about how Instagram was transformative for her business, both in terms of exposure and also by the opportunities brought her way through brand awareness. Networking in this way led her to pick up a huge following in a very organic way. Planning is not her strong point which is really interesting- Wendy believes that not having a business plan actually stalled her plans somewhat, which shows that not everyone works in the same way.


Sarah had a different approach in terms of goal setting. As an effective part of her overall strategy she has found trade shows indispensable for getting buyers. It is important to focus on the right marketing technique for the industry you are in- it sounds obvious but one size does not fit all.

This extends to social media marketing of course. Not all channels are going to be right for everyone. Have a look at our social media tips from Emma of Good Egg Social (and Hive Collective!) for some quick pointers on the best way to focus your efforts.

We had a fantastic open mic session and heard from some inspiring people including the artist Sharon Drew, Henrietta Inman who makes delicious cakes, Zoe Bowring from Dinghy Insurance and Jacob Reimann who is a natural pain specialist. The variety of businesses and viewpoints made for a really interesting discussion and helped to connect people during the drinks.


The friendly networking then led to an after-party at Eckovision- it is always lovely to meet you all in person and learn about your endeavours. No matter what stage your business is at, it is always great to come out and meet people, especially in Walthamstow which has such a vibrant, creative community. If you didn’t make this one then be sure to come to our next evening event.


We also have a trio of Spring workshops starting on March 26th on how to make your online content look professional.

Thanks very much to our sponsors Stow Brothers, Eat17 and Perky Blenders- without whom we couldn’t have made the evening so special.

Thanks also to Indikidual, Homeplace and Sarah Baily for their wonderful gifts of discount codes! The evening was richer for your insights and generosity. 

What people said

'A wonderful and inspirational evening and I look forward to many more!'

'Great event to get to know local businesses and creatives. Very inspiring looking forward to the next one'