Creative Social Media Brunch

If you want engagement, be engaging - Darren Rowse

Hive ran the first of a series of social media workshops this month, with Emma of Good Egg Social. The discussion was based around the sometimes overlooked idea that social media is not only for your customers but can also be an excellent tool for you to understand and refine the story behind your business. Using social media as a sort of scrapbook or micro-blogging platform can be hugely creative, and if we remove the notion that daily posting is a ‘chore’, and see it instead as fun storytelling then it will be more interesting for everyone!


As social media is essentially branding and the story is always the starting point, we first tried to put what our businesses mean to us into words. Using Simon Sinek’s ‘Golden Circle’ we wrote down the Why, How and What of our work. We also had a really interesting open discussion about how to best use the different platforms and looked at some time saving tools. The subject is so huge it was hard to pack it all into two hours, and we hope to expand on some of the subjects we touched upon in a series of future workshops which will be more tailored to specific topics.


Thanks so much to all who came, and look out for upcoming sessions! We know that staying motivated in Autumn can be tricky so if you are struggling then feel free to post on our Facebook group. Thanks also to Perky Blenders for supplying us with coffee, fruit and croissants :)

What people said

'A relaxed and friendly session. Really helped with my motivation and confidence'

'Really made me think about our business and what we're trying to achieve'

'Super inspiring workshop! Emma is friendly and asks you the kind of questions that really get you thinking about your business. Fun and helpful'